You set the goals,
we seek the solutions.

Tools and automation that drive business growth.


All of our solutions are designed according to your business needs, no matter how big or small the company – having extensive experience with SMEs. We’ve created tailored solutions for a variety of industries including finance, operations, HR, and more.

So – what exactly do we do?

We develop niche digital tools that assist you in streamlining your business functions to take away the hassle and give you data-driven results. 

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System automation

Connecting multiple data sources into a consolidated view which can be edited, manipulated and used to create reports – all via automation.

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Customised templates that remain in their original form while being populated. This ensures data formatting is the same and the template structure stays intact, resulting in consistent outputs.

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Data capturing and reporting

A working document that allows data to be captured in a specific format and structure for easy reporting.

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Scenario planning and forecasting

The creation of “What if?” scenarios to assist in planning for unpredictable circumstances, and ensure that your decisions are both informed and data-driven.

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Automation processes

Automate business processes with specialised templates that allow you to capture data, run calculations, and automatically produce your required outputs.

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A flexible, cost-saving exercise where you can create an outline of the scope of work and what it’ll look like before sending it to a developer.

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Updates to existing MS Excel workbooks

Tweaks and updates to any existing workbooks.

Airtable Development and Integration

Streamline your workflow, automate processes or simply better manage your data using Airtable, automations and integrations.

Learn about our solutions and software used in more detail


We’ve provided insights and created automated solutions across a wide variety of industries including:

Finance, Trading and Wealth Management

Human Resources and Consulting

Manufacturing, Transport and Import/Export

Mining, Property and the Private Sector

Property, Retail and Food and Beverage Enterprises

Advertising, Marketing and Media

Learn about our process

Data capture
and reporting

Retail distribution industry


hours saved per report


decrease in time taken to open and calculate dashboard tool


increase in result accuracy


Information technology industry

reliable results

data-driven decisions

easy to tweak process


Manufacturing industry

repetitive tasks automated

always accurate

digital documents


Asset management industry


minutes to generate 2000 personalised reports

reliable results

easy maintenance

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