Case study

Data capture and reporting

Retail distribution industry

Situation analysis

A large distribution company had to produce a presentation on sales and store survey data on a weekly basis. This data reported on 60+ products across 600+ stores. This presented some problems:


Our solution was to build an MS Excel tool that uses Power Query to handle:

This allows the user to simply save the required data in a specific folder structure and click a button to update the data pulled into the tool.


hours saved per report


decrease in time taken to open and calculate dashboard tool


increase in result accuracy


Our solution has the following outcomes:

We engaged Saul from GoalSeek to help us design and automate a complex manufacturing costing sheet and customer price list. After a few short meetings with Saul, he had an excellent understanding of the task at hand and provided us with a concise and clever solution. At each stage of the project, he made sure that his design was in line with our requirements. He is very hands on and the regular follow up meetings we had, ensured that I was happy with the end result . His enthusiasm and quick mind resulted in a superb costing and automated customer pricelist. I found him to be very professional and a pleasure to work with. 

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